Transformers 7.4.7


Parking—TWO CHOICES – I highly suggest arrival by 10 ish as regular folks will be forming lines to get into lots as early as 1030.

**Everyone needs to enter at the traffic light by the Girl Scouts building, just before the train tracks.

1) Those with parking passes turn right and maneuver through the complex to their parking lot.  **If Newark Police / Public Safety / CSC does not let you enter early simply smile, say ‘thank you,’ turn around and follow item #2 below.**
2) Those without parking passes turn LEFT into the Chrysler lot.


1) At least ONE person in the vehicle MUST be wearing a UDMB ALUMNI shirt/sweatshirt.  Without it you will not be permitted to park.

2) Everyone in the vehicle should come to rehearsal—do NOT begin tailgating prior to 11:30.

3) NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO TAILGATE IN THE CHRYSLER LOT! If you parked there because you were denied entrance to the stadium complex, move your car by simply crossing over 895 and enter by the Girl Scouts then maneuver to your lot and light up your grill.   **If you have to remain in the Chrysler Lot, gather your tailgate items and join another tailgate across 896.

So here’s the Jewish guilt part:

I busted my butt to make this happen—-PLEASE JUST GO WITH THE FLOW EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT.  It is BETTER than any parking arrangement we have ever had.  Help me make Athletics HAPPY we’re all here!  Help me make Athletics say things like “Band Alumni were the easiest group of all to work with.”  I KNOW we can do this!!!   —-SARV

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