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10/19 Drumline cadence- We will use this every year!

Hey Drummers!

Here are the cadence parts for you!

Thanks to Joe Orlowsky for writing it with good old pencil and paper.

Special thanks to Jonathan Whitney for the transcription.

2K10 – Bass

2K10 – Cymbals

2K10 – Score

2K10 – Snare

2K10 – Tenors

Thanks to Nate “Keck Tech” Smith for getting us this link… please copy and paste this site and put it in your browser.


Hello All,

Here is the link for our standard UDMB alumni shirt. Remember in order to sit with the baby band you must march in with the band for pre-game, have this shirt on (in whatever format you choose), and have your instrument.

Jessica Raczynski Thompson