• MUSC424 — Marching Band Leadership Staff

  • The AD and FIELD Staff of the UDMB is comprised of approximately 50 students. Acceptance to a position and enrollment in this course requires an application and audition in each preceding spring semester. All selected members must arrive on campus three days prior to the start of summer band camp for leadership training.

    During the fall semester, weekly lecture topics include but are not limited to: challenges in peer-to-peer teaching, time management, leadership hierarchy, and developing positive leadership skills. Practical field experience is gained as students engaged in peer-to-peer teaching during marching band rehearsals and events resulting in direct application of lecture materials.

    Students selected to enroll in this course engage in the teaching of their peers. They put in extra hours in preparing for each rehearsal compared to the average band member. The additional meetings and lectures that occur prior to band camp and once each week of the semester are structured to assist in the development of student teaching and leadership growth.

    Students must have completed a minimum of 1 semester of MUSC 113 (Marching Band) and be concurrently enrolled in MUSC 113 when taking this course.