• MUSC113 — Marching Band

  • The University of Delaware Fightin' Blue Hen Marching Band is known throughout the northeast as a performance ensemble with an innovative approach to entertainment and an emphasis on musicality. Considered to be on the cutting edge of the marching band activity, the band achieves its goals through the incorporation of a variety of musical styles appealing to its wide variety of audiences.

    The UDMB averages 300-340 members. This includes all wind players, percussion and auxiliary members. General breakdowns of each area is approximately 220-250 brass/woodwind members, 34-38 percussionists, 38-42 colorguard members and 3-5 twirlers.

    Percussion: All those interested in becoming part of our percussion sections (battery and front ensemble) undergo an audition process the weekend prior to Band Camp. Students receive music packets and technique guidelines in order to properly prepare. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the 2 summer mini-camps in order to further their preparation.

    Colorguard and Golden Girl Twirlers: All those interested in our auxiliary groups are required to audition in the spring. Auditions are traditionally held during the month May.

    Brass and Woodwinds: All new brass and woodwind performers must participate in UDMB ORIENTATION. This is a one-day workshop where students undergo a marching and playing evaluation, learn a portion of our marching basics program, and depart knowing some of the music for the fall season.

    For additional information and answers to many questions you may have, please visit our the UDMB website!