Professor Sarver’s career has taken her all over the country and to a variety of different countries. While her travel schedule is extensive she still manages to find (or create) time to spend at home and enjoy life.

    An avid road cyclist in high school and college, she rekindled her love of bicycles in 2012. Even during the busy fall semester she finds time to average over 100 miles a week in the saddle. In 2016 a new obsession was discovered and she added a mountain bike to her ever growing collection of two-wheelers. Cycling, kayaking, hiking, Professor Sarver exhibits a clear love of the outdoors.

    It is her love of animals, however, where one can find the essence of her soul. Her home is complete with a cat or three, and the most important companion, a basset hound. Walter, Buford and Della-Ware all knew the love of the Sarver household. In Januarey of 2017 a 6 and 1/2 year old basset named Run Bridge’s Blue Hen Chick, call name CJ, joined the Sarver Pack. In September of 2017 another basset arrived. A puppy named Rapscallion’s Biden My Time n’Money. Imma gonna call him Joe! The household is back to full strength again.